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Shadow less Head Light

Dr. Kim

• The world first lightest ergonomic C-Band type
• Reduce shadow from medicalinstruments
• Double-on / Double-off simply on & off
• Semi-permanent life of light sources
• Light weight & Wireless no restriction on movement
• Adjustable light brightness Maximum 100,000 Lux
• Customized loupes or surgical telescope and HD Camera
• Long Life li-ion rechageable batteries

2 Light beams from 2 LED light sources converge in a point 30~40cm from the eyes. This head light reduces the shadow of medical instruments

New Concept of Apex Locator

Dr’s Finder Neo

Be Smart, Be Compact

• Dr’s Finder NEO provides accurate with newest technology.
• Dr’s Finder NEO is the best solution for endodontic treatment.
• Dr’s Finder NEO is the World Smallest Apex Locator.


• Dr’s Finder NEO finds the best accuracy by using 3 frequencies.
• For improving accuracy and quality of measurement by using the latest signal IC

A New Conceptual Intrairal Wound Dressing Strip


Features and benefits

• Advanced concept in intraoral dressing
• Protect intraoral wounds from food, bacteria and cigarette smoke
• Aid in hemostasis
• Protect suture thread from tongue irritation
• Strong adhesion using hydrophilic polymer
• Easy to cut into different shapes/ sizes
• Self-adhesive with saliva
• Reduce irritation sore in mouth
• Safe and easy to use
• Mint flavour reduces halitosis
• Contain Vitamin E

50 x 15mm x 20ea
25 x 15mm x 20ea

PVS Impression Materials

Excellent Hydrophilic Impression material

VonflexS™ Light

• VonflexS™ Light, as the additional polymerization silicone type, is composed of excellent hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane impression materials that makes oral tissue shape precisely.
• VonflexS™ Light is easy to handle and has an extra ordinary stability, helps to make precise impression taking.

Thixotropic Bite Registration Material

VonflexS™ Bite

• VonflexS™ Bite, as the additional polymerization silicone type, is composed of vinyl polysiloxane impression materials designed for making precise occlusal registrations.
• VonflexS™ Bite is providing sharper setting and higher strength.
• Standard bite registration in the end bite position
• Portrayal of antagonists
• Coating of bite forks
• Key material for needle point registration

Excellent Fixation Characteristic Material

VonflexS™ Heavy

• Impression material a dual phase impression technique
• Precise duplication of models
• Capturing multiple unit impressions

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