X-ray Machines

OPG . CBCT . Intraoral Scanner

Introduce a new era in digital imaging with a new level of low-dose
capability for patients’ safety with containing sensibility

Upgradable OPG Scanner RayScan α

• Lower dose
• Quick scan times
• Pulsed X-ray technology
• Reliable performance
• No damage, Long life span
• Easy upgrade to CBCT
• Ingenious cooling by ATCT
• Auto alignment
• Minimized preparation time

RayScan α+

• Light Guided Free FOV – 16×10 FOV
• Scan & view in less than 10 seconds
• More detail, more confidence
• Minimize x-ray radiation dose
• Superior image processing technology
• Image reconstruction in 6 seconds

3D Facial Scanner

• Broad 20×20 FOV to create virtual
• Light-guided flexible FOV control
• 3D Facial scan with real depth camera
• Independent photo taking module
• Create fully virtual patient
• Apply digital diagnosis to evaluate virtual treatment

Wall mounted Xray

Make your practice extraordinary

With a 0.4mm focal spot, the EzRay provides you with a much higher resolution image more exact diagnosis. Whether it’s a film or a digital sensor, you can always acquire the nest image information with the smallest focal spot technology.

Cordless Digital Scanner PSPIX2

• The smallest and most compact PSP scanner
• True Intelligence
• Autoclavable parts further provide a high level of protection
• The color touchscreen provides instructions for quick and easy use
• Accurate, sharp and contrasted images to ensure reliable diagnosis
• Superior image processing technology

Intraoral Sensor
RIO Sensor

Digitalize your intraoral examination

Streamline workflow with high-resolution digital images

• Ergonomic design
• Plug and use
• Durable and Reliable

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