Dental Implants

A2 Dental Group has brought MegaGen Dental Implant to Australia in 2016,
one of the most selling implant companies in Europe, North America, and Asia.
MegaGen Australia is proud to be part of the International MegaGen family working with a team that is dedicated not only to providing the latest innovations and technology with our wide range of products, cooperation in successfully serving your needs in the dental implant industry.


Realizing the ONE-DAY implant with AnyRidge

AnyRidge is the first implant system
to introduce the concept of progressive thread design.

5 Remarkable Strengths of AnyRidge

1. Excellent initial stability
– No cutting edge, but strong self-threading
2. Magic Thread
– Maximum preservation of cortical bone by Minimizing stress on the cortical bone
3. Cold-welding
– Double offset and 5° connection
4. Xpeed Surface
– New surface technology incorporating Ca2+ ions on the SLA treated surface
– Fast & Strong Osseointegration
5. Variety create more possibility
– Variety selection of abutments

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Simplified surgical protocol with AnyOne

AnyOne is excellent with a single prosthetic connection
for all fixture sizes.

5 Remarkable Strengths of AnyOne

1. Simplified surgical protocol with predictable initial stability
2. The convenience of a single prosthetic connection for all fixture sizes with an 11 degree internal hex connection
3. KnifeThread® Stress distribution on cancellous bone
– Unique and super self-taping design, better initial stability can be attained in any compromised bone condensing.
4. Advantage for Aesthetic & CAD/CAM prosthesis
– AnyOne abutment have a sloped shoulder margin making them ideal for Zirconia prosthetic
5. Excellent soft tissue response
– The biological S-line provides seamless natural-looking and more functional emergence profile

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Strong solution for narrow ridge and anterior teeth,


Mini but Mighty!

5 Remarkable Strengths of MiNi

1. MiNi internal fixture shows higher value of strength on the thin wall area
2. Fast osseointegration with Xpeed Surface
3. Easy-to-use, intuitive operation procedure
4. Excellent esthetical design
5. Minimize drilling sequenve with 1-step insertion

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